NoLa 2020

New Orleans, I've only had the pleasure of visiting this city once before and it was an entirely different experience. I had previously visited in the middle of Mardi Gras' weekend. While I did enjoy the endless parades and festive atmosphere, it glanced over what actually makes this city a unique and surprising destination.

Along the sidewalks and spilling out into the streets are vendors, performers, artists, and slick talking shoe shiners. Every opportunity for tourist dollars is ready and willing all hours of the day. Poets for hire, soulful bands with CDs for sale, and a couple of those wise cracking shoe shiners may have made off with a few dollars of mine. Words for the wise; you can say, “No” to the shoe shiners but by the time you're mid conversation it's already too late!

Jackson Square is located right next to the Mississippi River and is a great walking area day or night. There are dozens of artists and craftspeople with pieces ranging from souvenirs to large canvases.

There was not one but two hip hop dance troupes putting on crowd interactive shows. Their set-ups were quite professional with full music queued to skits, microphones, and a vinyl dance floor. One of the troupes had DVDs and the customary tip bucket being passed around as they let the crowd know they also took credit cards.