Let me introduce you to Wes & Ashley. This lovely couple came out to visit Penns Valley after celebrating their 10 year anniversary and Wes decided to make it a moment they'll always remember.

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from Wes' sister desperately looking to book a local photographer after several others fell through. She explained that her brother had hatched a plan to take his lovely girlfriend on trip to Hershey and finish the weekend away exploring the fall colors at Penns View.

Wes' inspiration for proposing here came years ago after stumbling across a photo of Penns View while browsing through Jeep blogs. He wanted to make sure that this was the spot to surprise Ashley and drove from Maryland to explore the vista and set up exactly how he wanted the moment captured weeks beforehand.

I received the dossier from Wes detailing everything from the location to set up the shot, a small profile on them, and even the original photo that inspired him. The plan was all set and next step was to wait and hope all the elements were in our favor.

I arrived early Saturday afternoon at Penns View and began to look the part of "tourist looking at fall foliage". Other people began to notice me as I nervously looked at my phone for updates on their location and not at my camera or the view (maybe I also buried a GoPro in some leaves to film the shot, totally not weird). I had to spill the beans to the large group of visitors at the vista of the plan and told them to act casual.

Soon after everyone was informed of the moment to come, Wes' white jeep pulled up to the spot we had planned. I casually began to take photos of the leaves while trying to side eye the couple as they enjoyed the view and stretched their legs. While trying not to stare I watched as Wes worked up the courage for the moment. I also heard the group of onlookers whisper shouting at each other, "She said to act casual!"

Finally after the weeks of planning, Wes reached into his pocket and dropped to one knee to present Ashley with a ring. Here was the moment! I began to snap photos like crazy as Ashley accepted the ring and the onlookers cheered and honked their horns. As they embraced in newly engaged happiness I heard her whisper, "That lady is taking pictures of us."

We enjoyed taking some quick photos around the valley before they called their mothers to inform them of the good news.

These are some of my favorites from their session and congratulations again to the newly engaged couple Wes & Ashley.

Although I have been working heavily on the back end of my business as well as getting my greeting cards and postcards distributed locally I've still found the time to shoot some portraits. Little Clark Jr. is the most adorable baby model and was such a happy little guy to get the opportunity to photograph. Here are some of the cutest pics from our autumn themed shoot. I have plenty of space for family photos before the leaves are gone for the year! Contact today to schedule your shoot.

Snapped a few photos last week of one of my favorite little kids (all while keeping a 6ft distance). It's hard to get this energetic girl to sit still! Her mom and I told her to go swing, blow bubbles, and even jump off a pile of mulch to try and get the most genuine shots. Hopefully the summer photo season will allow for more of these opportunities for everyone else.


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