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Lauren's Senior Photos

Out of all things a high school senior would like to do on a Saturday morning I would think a below freezing photo shoot at 9am in a dress is probably low on the list.

Lauren was a tough trooper for this frosty morning shoot. When I arrived at Coburn Park it was a chilly 30 degrees and there was such dense fog I thought we might have to delay the shoot! Luckily, the fog slowly dissipated throughout our hour session and what could of been a rescheduling turned into a misty fantasy world.

We slowly worked our way around the park and Lauren had an ever ready warm blanket instantly wrapped around her when we finished each pose. As the morning wore on there were a few trips to the car to blast the heat but Lauren was a true model as soon as the lens came out.

The photos turned out beautifully! For waking up before the sun to do hair and make-up and having to sit on frosty grass Lauren made it all look effortless.

Congratulations to Lauren Class of 2021!

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